Cappers & Capping Equipment

Kaps All Automatic 6 Quill Inline Bottle Capper with Conveyor

Model A2
Serial #3292
4.5" x 90" Long Stainless Conveyor with Drive and Speed Controls
6 Capping Quill Wheels
Cap Sorter
Cap sizes up to 74mm

EPAK-ELF 6 Quill Inline Automatic Bottle Capper With Vibratory Sorter

Model #ACT600R
Serial #930669
Vibratory Cap Sorter/Feeder
6 Quill Wheels
Adjustable Cap Chute and Pick Off
Max Container Size - 7"
Max Cap Size - 43mm

Kaps All Automatic 4 Quill Inline Bottle Capper with Cap Feed Elevator

Model E
Serial #2709
Includes Stainless Bulk Cap Feed Elevator
C-Frame design
24" Cap Sorter
4 Capping Quill Wheels
Cap sizes up to 74mm

BEVCO Stainless Vertical Headspace Cap Sterilizer

Model #202 Cap Sterilizer
Serial #J11156
Stainless Construction
60" Rise
D-Style Grippers with Stainless chain
Adjustable Container Sizes
4.5" Infeed and Discharge Conveyor Sections

Aidlin Bulk Cap Feed Elevator Sorter

Model #2024CF
Serial #30103697
55 Cubic Foot Extended Bulk Feed Hopper
24" Wide Belt
Last Running 43mm Plastic Cap
Low Cap Photo-Eye Detection

UNICAP 8 Quill Inline Bottle Capper with Cap Elevator Sorter

Model UNICAP-8
Serial #5258612
Integrated SS Empty Cap Elevator Sorter Hopper
8 Capping Quill Wheels
Stainless Frame Construction
Last running 28 mm and 38 mm cap sizes

Enercon Air Cooled SUPERSEAL 100 Induction Sealer

- Series SUPERSEAL 100
- Model #LM5022-293
- Serial #C24890-01
- 2010 Year of MFG.
- Air Cooled
- Seal Head up to 120 mm cap sizes

FOGG VSE-18 Waterfall Cap Elevator Sorter Feeder

Model #VSE-18
Serial #755-9-8-02-RH
Stainless Construction
Speeds up to 900 CPM; based upon cap size and cap specifications
Last running 38mm plastic screw caps, Can run 20mm to 70 mm cap sizes
11 Cu. Ft. Stainless Hopper

Stainless Cap Bottle Feed Hopper Elevator #5

2 units available, priced individually
Hopper – 36” Long x 40” Wide x 38” Deep
8" Wide cleated belt, 3" cleats
Stainless construction
85" Discharge elevation

Vibra Craft 24” dia. Stainless Vibratory Sorter

Vibra Craft 24” dia. Stainless Vibratory Sorter
Serial #1997, 2000 Year of Mfg.
Stainless sorting bowl
Painted base stand
Controlled Air Jets
GE Fanuc PLC, Series 90-30

Palace Stainless Tablet Hopper Elevator Feeder

Model #TH-2.5-65 Tablet Hopper
Serial #5800
6” Wide Cleated Belt with 1” Cleats, 2” On Center
Round Cone Shaped Stainless Steel Hopper 26” Diameter x 16” Deep
Discharge Height 76”

30" Vibratory Cap Feeder

30" Vibratory Cap Feeder
Mfg by Automation Devices
Model #25, Serial #251118

36” Rotary Cap Sorter

36” Rotary Cap Sorter
Serial #400
Manufactured by AFM
5 port air jet manifold
Last running 38 mm caps
Stainless shrouding and guards
3” cap discharge port opening

Perfume Crimp Capper Machine, Semi-Auto Pneumatic

Perfume Crimp Capper Machine
Includes 18 mm & 10 mm crimping heads
Foot Pedal Operation

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