Palletizers & Depalletizers

Currie LLP Low Level Automatic Case Palletizer

Model #LLP
Serial #LLP-5-1447
Rated up to 20+ CPM;
Pusher Bar / Rake assembly
Stripper plate assembly
4,000 Lbs. load capacity
Last running 40” x 48” Pallets
76” Max Load Height

AmbaFelx 4577-02 Spiral Case Conveyor

Model 4577-02
Serial #SV-200-1000
Year of Mfg. 2005
Mfg. AmbaFlex
Unit can be run either direction as a incline or decline
HERMCO Herculift LWC VGR 130 Vacuum Lift System

HERMCO Herculift LWC VGR 130 Vacuum Lift System

Model LWC VGR 130
Lifts up to 100+ Pounds
Bags, Cases, product containers, etc.
Vacuum Cups
Articulated arm
355 degree rotation
PAI 4500 Palletizer

PAI 4500 Case Palletizer High Speed

Model # 4500
Year of Mfg 1996
Speeds up to 60 CPM; based on product specifications

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