Rinsers & Washers

McBrady HS300 Inline Bottle Gripper Rinser, Cleaner with Ionized Air Rinse

Model #HS300
Serial #HS-A346-8
2013 Year of Manufacture
Manufacturer: McBrady Engineering – Joliet, IL.
Last running Nutraceutical Products
Stainless construction
Speeds up to 400 CPM; (Standard 8 oz. Product)

FIMER 12 Station Stainless Rotary Bottle Rinser, Cleaner, Washer

Stainless Construction
Mfg. by Fimer - Italy
12 Rinse Stations
Capable of Running Glass, PET and HDPE Bottles
No Container / No Rinse
Infeed Timing Screw Assembly
Existing 12 oz. Handling Parts
Sentry Stainless Lowerator Bottle Air Rinser

Sentry Stainless Lowerator Bottle Air Rinser

Stainless construction
Ionized Air Rinser
Hi level infeed / Low level discharge
D-Style Grippers
SS Gripper chain
Adjustable bottle sizes up to 5.75” diameter

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