Hamilton 200 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Kettle with Scrape Agitation

Serial #B-7493-2
Dimensions: 52" dia. x 42" Deep
Jacket rating 45 psi @ 274 degrees F
7.5 HP Top Mount Agitator
Side and Bottom Scrape Surface Agitation
SS Split Lid with SS Bridge
Dish Bottom

Breddo 200 Gallon Stainless Likwifier with Coned Bottom

Model #LDD
Capacity 200 Gallon Capacity
Tank Dimensions: 38" Wide x 38" Long x 38" Deep Sidewall + 9" Cone bottom
Stainless impellor
20 HP / 10 HP, DUAL SPEED 1770 RPM / 880 RPM Main Drive Motor
20” dia. Top Manway

Lee 125 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Kettle with Scrape Agitation

Model #125D7S
Serial #C5081A
NB #7136
1997 Year of MFG
Jacket rating 90 psi @332 degrees F
2 HP Side and Bottom Scrape Agitation
Stainless construction

APS 50 Gallon Stainless Balance Tank

Serial #AT52-686
32” Dia. x 15” Sidewall
Stainless Construction
Slopped Bottom
Stainless Lid (removable)
Last used in a Dairy application

Groen 250 Gallon PREMIER Closed Top Stainless Kettle

Model #N-250
Serial #397432-1
2000 Year of MFG.
54” dia. x 30” side wall + dish bottom
Closed Top Kettle

300 Gallon Stainless Coned Bottom Process Tank

Last used in a juice processing operation
48" dia. x 40" Sidewall
Coned Bottom
Dish Top
20" Top Manway entrance
3" Center discharge fitting

3,000 Gallon DeLaval Bulk Milk Refrigerated Jacketed Stainless Tank

Model A3000
Serial #61777
Stainless construction
Refrigerated Jacketed
Top Manway entrance

Cherry Burrell 250 Gallon SS Jacketed Process Tank

Serial #65E511
Batch Processor
Coned Bottom, Dome Top
Jacketed Side and Cone Bottom

Groen 80 Gallon 316 Stainless Jacketed Dual Motion Mix Kettle

Model #DNEM-80SP
NB #48765
316 Stainless Construction
Tilt feature with hand crank adjustment feature
- MAWP 100 PSI @ 338 Degrees Fahrenheit
Side and Bottom Scrape Agitation and Center Prop Agitation
-Side and Bottom Scrape Agitation
-Center Bottom Prop Style agitation

4,000 Gallon Stainless Bulk Storage Tank

MFG. by Dairy Equipment Company, Madison, WI.
Model DK
Serial #29112
Stainless construction
Last used with Distilled products
Tank dimensions: 96” Wide x 202” Long
Refrigerated Jacketed

Zero 1000 Gallon Stainless Horizontal Dairy Storage Tank

Stainless construction
48" dia. x 100" long +12" domed Ends
Last used for cold juice storage
Top Manway Entrance
1.5" Tri-Clover discharge fitting

TSI 200 Gallon Stainless CIP Tank

Serial #5527-06
Manufactured by TSI – Azusa, CA.
Dimensions: 36” diameter x 48” Sidewall
200 Gallon Capacity
Stainless Construction, Single Wall
Top Manway Port

Ecolab Klenzade Model C Single Tank CIP System

Model C
Serial #29911
Stainless Construction
Stainless CIP Tank 24” x 24” x 30” Deep
75 Gallon SS CIP Tank Capacity
Level Probe mounted in top of CIP tank

1,500 Gallon Jacketed Bulk Storage Tank

MFG. Unknown
Stainless construction
Tank Dimensions: 72” diameter x 86” Long
Jacketed - Bottom and Domed Ends
20” Front Man Way

DCI 720 Liter Pressure Rated Stainless Tank

Serial #972H562460
NB #3825
Manufactured by DCI – St. Cloud, MN.
Dimensions: 40” diameter x 26” Sidewall
720 Liter Capacity
Vessel MAWP 25 psi @ 300 degrees F
High Polished Interior

Sani-Matic Portable Single Tank CIP System

Serial #39675
Manufactured by Sani-Matic – Madison, WI.
Stainless Construction
Skid Mounted with Casters for Mobility
Stainless CIP Tank
- 10” dia. x 48” High
Level Controls
Temperature Controls
Flow controls
Injection controls
Fristam Stainless Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

60 Gallon Stainless Balance Tank with Ampco Stainless Centrifugal Pump

29” diameter x 22” Sidewall Tank dimensions
Slopped bottom
1.5” SS NPT discharge fitting
Stainless cart with casters
Ampco Stainless Centrifugal Pump
Model #C114MD14T-S
Serial #CC-52358-1-2
1.5” x 1.5” Tri-Clover Fittings

Sharpe SS Electric Clamp On Mixer

Model #D-033VF, Serial #44613-4
1/3 HP / 1725 RPM
SS Shaft and 3 Blade SS Propeller

400 Gallon Stainless Bulk Milk Cooler Tank

MFG. by SUNSET, St. Paul, MN.
Model MC400PX
Serial #5MC-936
Stainless construction
Last used with Dairy products
Tank dimensions: 50” Wide x 68” Long
Refrigerated Jacketed

50 Gallon Stainless Square Balance Tank

Stainless construction
30” Long x 30” Wide x 13” Deep
Slopped bottom
Closed top
Top inspection port with cover

75 Gallon Stainless Mix Tank Dual Motion Mixer

24" dia x 42" sidewall
Dual motion mixer
Cone Bottom
Stainless construction
2-200 Gallon SS Process Tanks with Load Cells

2x 200 Gallon SS Process Tanks with Load Cells

Stainless 2” Tubular Base Frame Construction
Tank #1 and Tank #2
40” Dia. X 36” SS Single Side Wall
Mfg. Anderson & Dahlen Inc.
Stainless Construction
SS Split Hinged Lids
Open Top
Coned Bottom
1.5” Center Discharge
Mixer mounting bracket
Load Cells, Model JBOX 303A-4-SS

400 Gallon Stainless Holding Tank

Dimensions 50” diameter x 48” Sidewall
Open Top with SS Split lid
Slopped bottom
2” discharge port with Tri Clover fitting
63” Overall height
Some minor dings in the bottom of tank
Small dent in the side of tank

65 Gallon SS Balance Tank

Dimensions: 32” diameter x 19” sidewall
SS Construction
Open top
Slopped bottom

3 Toledo Mettler Tank Load Cell digital readout displays

Also includes (1) Simplex Time recorder display
Toledo load cell display Model #8823
display measures 4.5" x 10.5" Long
Digital display

3,000 Gallon Jacketed SS Dairy Silo Tank, Mfg Cherry Burrell

Mfg by Cherry Burrell
Dimensions : 84" Dia. x 176" Sidewall + 14" Dome Top
Overall height 16' with SS Connecting fittings
Serial # 87E-310-2, NB #2965
Amonnia/Glycol Jacketed
Dual zone (upper and lower jacketed zones)
Vessel/Tank Shell working pressure 60 psi @ 300 Deg F
Jacket max working pressure 150 psi @ 300 Deg F

2 HP FTI SS Centrifugal Pump with Fulflo Filter on SS Base

FTI pump
FulFlo Filter

Sani-Tech 2 tank CIP System

Skid Mounted on SS frame
Allen Bradley PLC
5 HP Centrifugal Pump
SS Control Panel

10 Gallon SS Cooking Pot

14” diameter x 18” Deep
SS Construction

10 Gallon SS Coned Bottom Tank

Dimensions : 16” diameter x 12” sidewall
SS Construction
Open top
Coned bottom

22 Gallon SS Balance Tank

Dimensions: 22” diameter x 14” sidewall
SS Construction
Open top
Slopped bottom

Metalfab Stainless BA2 Vibrating Bin Activator Shaker

Model # BA-2
Serial # 202036
Stainless construction
28" ID, 26" Deep plus coned bottom
12" coned bottom, 10" discharge

100 Gallon SS Tank

28" diameter x 36" Sidewall
SS construction
Open Top

1,150 Gallon SS Pressure Rated Reactor Tank

Dome Top Dish Bottom
Serial #T-03386, NB #03386
Pressure Rated tank
300 F Max Temp rating
Dimensions 60" dia x 96" sidewall
Overall Height 148"

SOLD - Mueller 380 Gallon Jacketed Dual Motion Stainless Process Mix Tank

Serial #F9050-1
NB #9542
Dimensions: 72” dia. x 16” Sidewall + 20” Coned Bottom
Stainless Steel Construction
Jacket rating 90 psi @ 400 Degrees F
Dual Motion Side Scrape Sweep Agitation

SOLD - Creamery Packaging 600 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Process Tank

Serial #10816
Mfg. by Creamery Packaging
Dimple Jacketed
Jacket Rated at 50 psi
Last used with Food Products
SS Construction
66” diameter x 42” sidewall
Dome Top
Inverted Dish Bottom

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