Pace M400 Empty Bottle Unscrambler and Elevator Hopper

Model # M400
Serial #1230
Includes 75 cu. ft. Stainless Empty Bottle Hopper Feeder Elevator
Capable Of Speeds Up To 350 bpm; Based Upon Product Specifications
Hook Bottle Standup Feature
Last Running 8 oz. At Speeds Up To 255 bpm
48” dia. Rotary Sorter Feed Bowl
8 oz. Existing Handling Parts

Pace M600 Empty Bottle Unscrambler with Bulk Hopper Feeder

Serial #2803
Stainless construction
Capable of speeds up to 500+ bpm; based upon product specifications
Last running 8 oz. at 425 BPM
Includes 100 cu. ft. Stainless Empty Bottle Hopper Feeder Elevator
72” dia. Rotary Sorter Feed Bowl

NEMC New England 36” Empty Bottle Unscrambler with Air Rinse

Model #NEHACL-36
Serial #2483
36” Sorting Bowl
Air rinse bar, nominal 12" Long
Speeds up to 250 BPM; based upon product specifications
Container size range: 1/2" to 4.5" Diameter
Existing Change parts for 8 oz. Bottles

PallayPack Pharma Pack PU25 Automatic Empty Bottle Unscrambler

Model #PU25
Serial #U0803091
2008 Year of MFG.
Speeds up to 250 BPM; based on product specifications
Stainless construction
Designed for round, square, oval and other shaped containers
Container diameter range: 25 mm to 76 mm
Container height range: 35 mm to 210 mm
Integrated SS Empty Bottle Feed Hopper Elevator
Pre-Sorter with quick change disc

Hoppmann FS-40 Bottle Unscrambler with Stainless Hopper Elevator

FS-40 Centrifugal Feeder Unscrambler
Model #FS-40, Serial #FC0023
Stainless discharge product conveyor
Bottle Unscrambler Centrifugal Feeder
Hoppmann EP08 Hopper Elevator Feeder
Mounted on Common frame with FS-40 system

Custom Metal Designs Semi-Auto Round Bottle Debagging Table

Serial #5880
Last used with Round Containers 16 oz. - Gallon Rounds
Plastic Intralox Belting, 48" Wide x 208" Long
Bag Cutter Knife Assembly, pneumatic
Single Filer Assist Back Belt Bottle Discharge
Product Photo Eye Detection

Custom Metal Designs Semi-Auto Empty Bottle Debagging Table

Inventory #810229
Last used with HDPE Gallon Containers
Plastic Intralox Belting, 48" Wide x 170" Long
Bag Cutter Knife Assembly, pneumatic
Indexing Discharge Bottle Conveyor Left to Right

2018 Sunswell LP-15 Empty Bottle Unscrambler #1

Model #LP-15
2018 Year of MFG
Two (2) Units available, priced separately
Rated up to 30,000 BPH; based upon product specifications
84" diameter Bowl
Last running 8 oz. and 12 oz. PET Bottles on one set of handling parts

Stainless Cap Bottle Feed Hopper Elevator #5

2 units available, priced individually
Hopper – 36” Long x 40” Wide x 38” Deep
8" Wide cleated belt, 3" cleats
Stainless construction
85" Discharge elevation

Posimat ACCESS SERIES High Speed Plastic Empty Bottle Unscrambler

Model #SBI-N-30
Serial #11060
2005 Year of Manufacture
Dual 32 Pocket Empty Bottle Rotary Feed Bowls
20 oz. PET Existing Handling Parts
POSITRANS Exit Conveyor

AMT Stainless Empty Bottle Hopper Elevator Feeder

Approximately 60 cu FT Stainless Hopper
Stainless Hopper - 60" Wide x 72" Long x 38" Deep
36" Wide Plastic Belt, 3" Cleats on 14" centers
Stainless Floor Levelers

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